MYCHRON 5S - Data Logger

Karting’s favourite data logger system just got better with the MyChron5 S version! Much more than just laptimes!

Key Upgrades from original MyChron5:

  • New and improved GPS Accuracy 25Hz (upgraded from 10Hz, precision improved from 1.5m to 45cm on average)
  • Internal 4GB Memory
  • 10g accelerometer (upgraded from 5g)
  • New GPS Overlay in RaceStudio3
  • Track Database
  • Lambda sensor LED configuration on Shift Lights
  • Future firmware update with internal Steering angle potentiometer

Other features:

  • Empowered processor (2 times faster than the MyChron5)
  • Different Inertial Platform, at 9 axes
  • Wide 268x128 pixel graphical display
  • Eight different background colours
  • Light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions


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